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Finte na hÉireann Clans of Ireland

Registered with Clans of Ireland 2014



25 years of The O Driscoll Clan Gathering (1986-2011)


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Anniversary O Driscoll Collection volume 2011

A special volume of the O Driscoll Collection is being prepared now to celebrate 25 years of The O Driscoll Clan Gathering (1986-2011) and submissions from anyone who has at any time attended a Clan Gathering is invited. The donation of photographs relating to previous Clan Gatherings or of Driscoll family gatherings around the world will be much appreciated.

Anyone else who would like to make a submission of O Driscoll related information is also invited to participate. Submissions can include genealogy, family history and lore, obituaries, articles, poetry, stories, reviews, career profiles or documentation of any kind which relates in any way to a person or an event relating to a named Driscoll, Ó Drisceoil, Driskill living or deceased in any part of the world.

The O Driscoll Collection of volumes will be presented at the 25th Anniversary Clan Gathering in June 2011 and will in time be an important O Driscoll research resource deposited in the Cork County Library and Cape Clear island library.

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Submissions and General Guidelines

You can also forward documentation by post to:

Dr. Éamon Lankford, Cape Clear Museum Society, c/o Aras, 13 Dyke Parade, Cork, Republic of Ireland.

Or email your submission, data, photos, etc to:



O Driscoll Heritage Exhibition

In 2005 Dr Éamon Lankford, Founder / Director of the Museum & Archive published O Driscolls, Past and Present which covers many aspects of O Driscoll history and heritage. Since 2006 the museum archive has been gathering information about people, both living and deceased, worldwide who bear any form of the name Ó Drisceoil, Driscoll, Driskill etc. The information collected todate is presented in a set of volumes titled the O Driscoll Collection which tell some of the story of other Driscolls from around the world. The submission of O Driscoll related information for inclusion in the O Driscoll Collection and the O Driscoll Heritage Exhibition 2011 is invited.

The O Driscol Heritage Exhibition (2011) will feature:

  1. Material from the O Driscoll Collection volumes relating to O Driscoll authors, poets, broadcasters, religious, sports personalities etc world wide

  2. Historical events relating to O Driscolls

  3. The O Driscoll family worldwide

Please send us information that you would like us to include in our exhibition and archive
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