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In and around Baltimore


I cant think of a better way to spend a warm summers evening than sitting outside Bushes or the Waterfront with a pint of  Murphy's or Guinness watching the sunset behind Mount Gabriel.

If you like walking thereís lots to see, go up to the beacon, which overlooks Sherkin Island.

Loch Hyne or Ine depending on which road sign you see, is about 4 miles and has the remains of an old O`Driscoll castle on a small island, the lake is the only land locked salt water one in Europe.

Rolfs HostelWalk up past  Rolfs Hostel  and through the fields, the views are stunning overlooking the beacon, Sherkin and out to Cape Clear

If you like music and pubs then Casey`s have traditional music nights, you might find some in the The Algiers Inn and of course there's McCarthys Fiddle Fair   in May which this year (2006) will be held in the Baltimore Harbour Hotel  as McCarthys was sold last June and is now the Waterfront ,  and Bushes is a great place for talking.

Baltimoreís got a bit of everything for everybody so I donít think you will be disappointed and if you like good food, then try Chez Youen, owned by Youen Jacob along with La Jolie Brise

baltimore lifeboat

sunset midsummers eve beacon church behind casey`s near lifeboat station

 sunset November Algiers


 sunset midsummers eve

McCarthys bar